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In 2017 PBF implemented a new sponsorship option with defined perks. For a $500+ general contribution GOLD level sponsors will receive TWO 2x4 advertising banner on both sides of a mobile promotional board. For $250 they will receive a 2x2 banner space on one side of the board. The board will appear prominently in the parade and at events to help recognize such general sponsorship.


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In addition GOLD sponsors will receive Home Page recognition on (& in the form of a custom authored (at no charge) 150x55 pixel advertisement image. The order is randomized each view so no gold sponsor is ranked above the other. Each advertising image will jump to the web page presence of that sponsors choice when clicked as well!


Additionally you will see sponsors who provide other monetary and donated services scattered around our website. These 100x100 custom advertisements also link to their websites (when available)


Our Webcam solution uses high quality surveillance cameras and a total customized webserver scripting solution to take real time image coverage and emblazon with customized transparent advertising overlays. Through prior arrangement the overlays are created. LIVE Cameras can then be moved with advertising randomly placed on the fly when anyone surfs onto our site to view them. In theory it looks simple. In actuality we have archival abilities and even the ability to modify branding on webcam imagery long after the event.


As part of participating in our Industrial Tent, you will receive a link to both your business website and/or your social media site. This can be customized to any site or page you request. At only $100 for space in our industrial tent, this is a 24/7/365 perk. Advertising on general web indexing sites elsewhere can cost up to $100 or more monthly alone, so this is a powerful FREE perk just for appearing in our Industrial tent for 4 days. That gives you 300+ days of customer advertising and web ranking improvements at no added fee.

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Industrial Tent (merchant tent) sponsors are listed alphabetically with a lookup on ez to find tent map for booth location. QR Code details >

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