• Festival Champ Nick Huston
    Festival Champ Nick Huston
  • Open Champion Jack Jungmann
    Open Champion Jack Jungmann
  • Festival Reserve Carmyn Huston
    Festival Reserve Carmyn Huston
  • Open Reserve Joe Crum
    Open Reserve Joe Crum

Beef Show

  • Beef Show on YouTube (53min)


Thursday September 6 2018
Beef Show - 8:30 AM (Roseville)
Livestock Auction - 6 PM (Monmouth)


On Thursday evening during the Prime Beef Auction we will will be auctioning off beef from the earlier show.


34 head sold that evening for $95,827 at an average $2.10/pound or average price of $2,818/head


Here is that list of those businesses who supported area youth by purchasing their cattle: (alphabetically, many with multiple purchases)

1st Avenue Lounge

Birkey's Macomb

Bruce Foote

Cameron Grain

Carrier Services

CGB Red Shed/CGB Grain Division

Channel Seed - Jason Kane

Citizens Bank

Fairview Sale Barn

Friends of the Festival

Halcomb Oil

Hirschbach Trucking

Huston Vet

Hutchinson Trucking

Josh Oaks-Stone Seed

Land Management Partners

Liqui Grow

Lynn Shimmin

Midwest Bank of Western Illinois

Monmouth Farm and Home Realty

Monmouth Feed Service

Neff Company

Parkins Trucking

Raritan State Bank

Ron & Dan Byers Forage Harvesting

Servin Fertilizer

Shane Gipe-Pioneer

Showplace Kitchens


Western IL Home Health Care

Wyfells Hybrids-Chris Harrel


The Warren County Prime Beef Festival gets it's name from the premier area Beef show and sponsor auction that is held each year first week after Labor Day.








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