2016 Parade Photo Archive

See you Wednesday September 6 2017 at 5:00pm for this year's parade. While you wait, here is 2016 results:

  • 1st Band (click 4 more)
    2016 1st Band (click 4 more)

Another great parade and thank you to all who participated & had faith we could successfully dodge rain drops. Results are:


2016 Bands:

1st Place: ROWVA (23 years still undefeated)
2nd Place: Knoxville
3rd Place: Monmouth Roseville Yorkwood  Alumni Band


2016 Best of Show:
Commercial: Warren County YMCA
Civic: United High School Cheerleaders
School: Immaculate Conception School
Religious: Maple City Baptist Church

2016 Best of Show Horse:

Warren County Saddle Club



Thank you to all who spent many volunteer hours to make our parade again a huge success.


Tia Taylor - Parade Committe chairman



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