Derby Rules

This was what the website was given here for 2017 rules (based on a copy of local rules elsewhere)


Riders allowed in all classes except small cars.

Riders get $100 if they are in the winning car.

Pit Area and Inspections
1. NO one will be permitted in pits without pit pass.
2. NO alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted in the pit area. If found with alcohol or drugs in your pit area you will automatically be disqualified and asked to leave. No refund will be given.
3. NO pit persons allowed in arena or track, any violation will result in disqualification.
4. Management DOES have the right to inspect or disqualify a car and driver at ANYTIME
1. MUST be 18 years of age, 16 & 17 year olds need notarized permit with parent’s consent and
2. Any driver using an open face helmet will NOT be covered by insurance if facial injury occurs.
3. One person per car and MUST attend the drivers meeting before the race.
4. MUST wear approved racing helmets and seat belts.
Small Car Class
Small cars are classified as any front wheel drive 4 or 6 cyl. car Or any 4 or 6 cyl rear wheel drive car 105” wheelbase or less
All rules for the small car demo derby shall be the same as Open Wire class with the exception that the suspension must be stock.
Small cars will go through the same inspections as the large cars.
Mini Vans
Same rules as 80 & Newer Wire

80 & Newer Wire

Car Preparation

1. Any bumper may be used and bumpers may be reinforced (Can use homemade bumper but must be stock appearing. No homemade V bumpers..), and welded 4” back from the front of the frame using strap or brackets,  but cannot come in contact with the radiator support mount.  Can weld bumper directly to frame.  Can shorten the frame from radiator support forward, radiator support mount must stay in factory location. Radiator protectors are allowed but must use the stock air conditioning condenser and must bolt on only (4spots)

2. Drive train Ford on Ford, GM on GM, etc. Frame mounts may be welded to frame. Must be welded within reason, no excessive welding. Cannot strengthen the car or frame in anyway. No protectors or lower cradles allowed.  Must run stock upper and lower motor mount’s.  Stock cross member may be used or No bigger than 2X3 tubing.

3. One bar across dash must be 6 inches off of trans.  Tunnel 6 inches back from the dash. One bar behind seat no further than 4” from seat. May connect dash bar and seat bar. You may run two down bars from cage to floor pan straight up and down no angle. No other support anywhere else in the car. Bars may be welded in. MUST HAVE A WINDOW BAR, CAN USE WIRE OR CHAIN ALSO.

4. Gas tank protectors allowed. Cannot weld gas tank protectors to body. Roll over bars allowed must go to cage. May run after market Steering column, gas pedal or shifter. Can reinforce tie rods. Trans coolers are allowed, must be located within the cage area. Can run up to 2 batteries.
All cars must run factory OEM Steering components. Except tire rods and steering column.

5. Any tire allowed.

6. Frame and sheet metal may be notched or pre bent. Can pitch frame, (COLD PITCH ONLY).   No re welding of flap.
7. You may change radiator support mount 1” bolt max, may go past hood and bolted with a 4 inch washer. Radiator support spaces cannot be welded to frame or radiator support.

8. Unlimited wire.  Doors may be welded 5 on 5, Drivers door may be solid.  Trunk may be wired only.
9. No homemade Slip shafts. No factory type truck slip shafts. Factory Type Car Drive Shaft Only.

10. 2 Straps from A-Arm to frame to adjust car height allowed.

11. Rear ends must be stock, gm on gm, ford on ford, etc. must be a direct bolt in, metric 10 bolt rear end max. NO MODIFACTIONS TO AXLE HOUSING, AXLES MUST BE STOCK FOR A METRIC CAR REAREND, NO AFTERMARKET AXLES, NO EXPLORER OR MOUNTINEER 31 SPLINE AXLES C clip eliminators may be used or can weld spider gears. Gears can be changed, No bracing. Trailing arms must be stock.

12. Body mounts must remain stock. No taking the metal part out and sucking the body down. If found you will have to remove all mounts that are like this and replace with #9 wire. If there is a broken bolt must use #9 wire. DO NOT TOUCH ANY BODY MOUNT BOLT OTHER THAN THE 2 RAD SUPPORT BOLTS.   No bolting fenders or any hood bolts other than the rad support bolts.


Open Wire

Any year Car, NO Imps
Same Rules as 80’s Wire, except the following:
Any Motor, transmission, rear end and drive shaft may be used.
Fords may convert watts Suspension to trailing arm brackets.
May reinforce trailing arms, rear end bracing allowed.
Dp, lower cradle and tranny brace allowed. Firewall must be cut out If you run Dp
03 newer fords must use factory front suspension, no modifications. Must run aluminum cradle.

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