• Your Organizational Volunteers
    Your Organizational Volunteers

About PBF

Many, many people donate countless hours and significant financial support in order for a festival such as ours to continue year after year. For the many nameless Festival volunteers I encourage you all to thank them as you cross their paths each season, or use the contact form here to pass on your comments of support.


As for area business sponsors, you will find them participating on our grounds, listed in programs, flyers, newspaper inserts and listed on radio broadcast, be sure to thank these fine people. Any who are sponsors I encourage you to contact us concerning what further we might do to promote your business and add value to that sponsorship 24/7/365 here at PBF online.


PrimeBeefFestival.com, PrimeBeefFestival.org and MyPBF.com web presence we as an area business ourselves donate  all services at no cost to the Festival through our various identities: www.AFePub.com web design, www.WestILMall.com web hosting and www.WestIL.net Internet services.


We would also like to thank Tiffany Cole for the significant time and effort she puts in maintaining the NEW 2014 FaceBook presence on behalf of the Warren County Prime Beef Festival. Be sure to post likes and share photos there as well ;-)


If you have questions, suggestions, or queries concerning content found here, please feel free to contact us.


This is "your" site too. Contact us also if you would like to help post your committee events online or have pictures to share ;-)


Preston Allen - PBF Web Committee



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