Grandstand Entertainment

Grandstand entertainment for the 2017 Prime Beef Festival


Wednesday @ The Ball Diamond Stage


Eternity Road, our own area contribution to rock and roll, this area band began in 1972 and has continued to rock ever since. Come now and see them live on an open stage with plenty of seating ... or dance right at the stage if you rather!


Thursday @ the Ball Diamond Stage


The Brooks Brothers band Performing classic Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Blues, the Brooks Brothers Band is a treat for the ears.


The Brooks Brothers Band began in 2000 when Glenn and Chris moved back to Monmouth from California. They wanted to create something in the Maple City that they had created on both coasts of the country. The result is a quality sound that has no equal.


Friday @ the Track / Beer Garden


Staggard @ Beer Garden

@ The Beer Garden on the track will be Staggard appearing live Friday night September 8 from 7 PM to 11 PM.



ALL 3 ENTERTAINMENTS are FREE to attend, FREE to park, FREE to enjoy for ALL AGES! Plenty of food and drinks near by!

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